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Anthony Benivegna, Founder/President
E-mail: tonyb@abresearchct.com

Tony's market research background encompasses a broad spectrum of consumer and non-consumer product areas. In addition to his overall management responsibilities, he actively manages projects for key CPG and pharmaceutical company clients. His earlier research experience included positions with de Kadt Marketing and Research, General Foods (currently Kraft) , and Burke Marketing Research.

He holds an MBA and an MS in Analytical Chemistry from the University of Wisconsin, and a BA in Chemistry from New York University.

Joel Benson, Executive Vice President
E-mail: joelb@abresearchct.com

Joel began his career in 1969 as a coder at Decisions Center Inc. and by 1988 was the founder and owner of his own market research company, Joel Benson Associates. Joel's extensive expertise in the CPG space encompasses many Fortune 100 companies. Prior to him forming his own company, he was a co-founder and principal of Newman Stein. During his 15 years there, he grew the company from 3 employees to 50. Joel is an expert in concept/product testing, A&U studies, Ad Tracking and Copy Testing, and Package Testing. In that Tony and Joel share similar working styles, and since their client bases complemented each other's, combining the two companies made perfect sense.

Joel holds a B.A. in Sociology from Queens College, and an M.A. in Sociology from Adelphi University.

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