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Founded in 1986 by Anthony Benivegna, we are a leading, full-service market research company, specializing in hands-on, personalized client service and project management. Our comprehensive portfolio of experience covers consumer packaged goods, healthcare and pharmaceutical research, and financial services, all encompassing both consumer and business-to-business audiences. These projects have been executed through the utilization of Face-to-Face, Phone, and Online data collection methods.

In January 2007, we merged with Joel Benson Associates, Inc. providing an ever greater depth of resource services and capabilities.

Our approach to servicing our clients is that of a "boutique" research company. In other words, our clients can benefit from working directly with a senior staff member on all projects, and can take advantage of the flexibility and timeliness a small company can offer.

The projects we take on can range anywhere from a tactical 1-cell concept or product test, to a strategic market structure study with high-level statistical analyses. Our staff members tout 10-35 years in the industry.

AB Research is committed to helping our clients make informed, insightful decisions in a timely manner through our unrivaled expertise and "hands-on" approach to projects.
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